Palm Tree Cleaning & Removal Brisbane

Palm trees are beautiful and can enhance the look of any property, but if they are not looked after they can start to look messy and unsightly. They need regular maintenance to keep them safe and looking good. Palm tree cleaning is usually necessary at some point during a Palm’s life cycle

Large Palms can cause problems when falling berries block gutters or pool filters and make a mess on paving or driveways. The berry pods can also attract bats or other creatures you might not want in your yard. Falling fronds can be a hazard to people and property. Common problem palms include Cocos Palms and Alexander Palms

Palm tree cleaning involves trimming off dead or dying fronds, seed pods and bunches of berries as well as the thinning out of clumping Palms

Palms can grow out of control, threaten nearby structures and spoil the look of your garden. A palm may need to be removed if it has become dangerous or is interfering with other trees, building, driveways or electrical wires.

Beebe’s Tree Service can keep yours in perfect shape, or if required, safely and efficiently remove any palm trees if they’re causing damaging to your surroundings.

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