Stump Grinding Brisbane

Stubborn stump removal requires a team with specialised training and tools. Beebe’s Tree Service can remove your unwanted tree stumps in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Once a tree has been removed, the remaining stump may still be buried deep in the ground.

Digging stumps out can be difficult and time consuming, especially when unseen root systems have spread out below the ground.

An unsightly stump can detract from the beauty of your garden, so getting rid of it can enhance your landscaping

Stumps can make a space unusable, getting in the way of landscaping or paving plans

Stumps can also be a hazard, especially they are in the middle of a garden where may be tripped over.

Stumps can easily become a home for ants, termites, and other pests.

How does stump grinding work?

  • Stump grinding is the best and most effective way to get rid of tree stumps
  • Stump grinding involves the use of a machine to grind down the tree stump to below ground level. This prevents an unwanted tree from reshooting and removes the visual problem of a dead stump
  • The grinder cuts the wood in the stump down until the stump is gone. As it cuts, it mills the stump into sawdust or mulch material that can be used to fill the hole, used as mulch in your garden or disposed of.
  • Beebe’s Tree Service use the latest equipment to grind out tree stumps in a safe and professional manner

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