Tree Lopping & Pruning Brisbane

Are you looking for an experienced professional to assist you with tree pruning or trimming? Beebes trees are your Brisbane tree service specialist. Keep your trees lush, healthy, safe, and tidy with Beebe’s tree pruning service

Trees can beautify almost any area. They can offer shade during summer days and create natural atmosphere and fresh air. Yet if your trees are not taken care of properly, they can block natural sunlight, cause blockage in your gutters, die too soon, or fall and cause damage to your property. Tree branches can also grow into electrical lines and create numerous hazards.  Keep your trees lush, healthy and safe with Beebe’s tree pruning service.

Benefits of pruning:

  • Properly pruned trees live longer
  • Pruning enhances the beauty of the tree
  • A number of serious problems can be eliminated by pruning a tree at the right time during its formative years
  • Removing uneven branches can straighten the growth and structure of a tree
  • Pruning improves air circulation around the tree which can reduce the possibility of damage caused by strong winds or extreme weather and reduce the spread of diseases

Different Types of Pruning:

  • Canopy thinning
     Creates more light through the canopy of the tree by selective removal of limbs to preserve health
  • Deadwood 
    Removes dead limbs back to main limbs, eliminating dead and diseased wood. It is also helpful in removing broken or torn branches to avoid a potential hazard to individuals and property.
  • Side pruning
    Used to clear limbs or canopy overhanging buildings and structures, or interfering with pedestrian or vehicle access.
  • Under pruning/or canopy lifting 
    Clears low hanging limbs / branches that are interfering with vehicles, lawn mowers or people operating under the tree.
  • Selective pruning
    Involves pruning a specific part of the tree that is interfering with a cable, another tree or building.
  • Formative pruning
    Is a method of training future tree growth.

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