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Why you should always use a professional tree removal service

Over time, trees planted close to properties, power lines or other assets can grow too large, causing the potential for damage and danger to people and property. This could be due to tree roots breaking underground pipes and other infrastructure, the dropping of large branches or touching power lines, or tree fall due to strong winds, rotting or disease.
Instead of risking thousands of dollars in repair bills or personal injury, it is best to consider professional tree removal instead. Tree removal services can be relatively expensive, depending on your situation. Removing a tree might cost anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the type of tree to be removed, and proximity to buildings and other infrastructure.
It might be tempting to save the money and try to remove the offending tree on your own, but if you do not know what you are doing, you can cause even more damage than the tree would! Keep reading to learn more about why you should always consider using a professional tree removal service, rather than attempting to tackle the whole process on your home.
If you think that you can remove a tree on your own (particularly if we are talking about a larger tree), it is easy to underestimate the risks that you might be taking for yourself, your family and your home, not to mention your neighbours and others who might be affected by your tree removal project. Removing a tree is not as simple as chopping up a tree and getting rid of it. There are many factors that you will need to consider if you are looking for a safe and effective outcome. Professional tree removal service providers adhere to strict safety standards to give you peace of mind and to ensure your own and your family’s safety and minimise the risk of damage to your property throughout the process.

Lack of specialised equipment and experience

In most cases removing trees requires a lot of specialised equipment, particularly in regards to safety and protecting your property. It is likely that you won’t own many of the tools and equipment required and the cost of hiring and purchasing the equipment could be more expensive than getting the job done professionally. In addition, lack of experience in using particular tools or not having the necessary safety procedure can lead to injury or worse. Tree removal experts have the necessary training and experience to assess the situation and plan the safe removal and not cause damage any nearby property or infrastructure. Because they have access to specialised equipment and the necessary training and experience – tree removal experts represent the best solution to removing a problem tree.

Damaging properties and infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, you can easily do more harm than good if you do not know what you are doing. For this reason, it is very important to rely on the work of someone who knows the correct safety standards and procedures. If you do something wrong, you could trigger the damage you are trying to avoid, and turn a problem that’s easily fixed (removing a tree) into something more time and cost intensive. In other words, hiring a professional to do your tree removal work is actually the best investment to safeguard your home and protect yourself from possible damages and unnecessary expenses.

Lack of tools and/or skills to manage removed tree sections

Removing the offending tree is only part of the process. What are you going to do with the sections of the tree that you cut off? Most people simply do not have the means to haul a large tree away, and do not have the tool to dispose of waste safely. This is another reason why it is always worth it to consider working with specialised tree removal experts.

Lack of permits

In most municipal council areas, a permit is required to remove any tree over a set height. Tree removal professionals can help obtain the necessary permits based on their knowledge and expertise and help avoid any bureaucratic and legal issues that you might experience.

How Much does tree removal cost 

Is a tree nearby giving you some trouble? Sometimes, managing a tree in an awkward position can be quite a challenge! 
There are many reasons why you would want a tree to be removed. One of the most pressing reasons is definitely the fact that older, overgrown trees are growing too close to a building and power lines, exposing your property to possible risks and damage.
In most cases, the cost of tree removal depends on the type and size of the tree itself. Some trees removal or branch lopping services may only cost a couple hundred dollars while large jobs can potentially cost thousands. It depends on the scope of the project and on the amount of work to be done in your particular case.
In most situations, cutting down larger trees can be more time consuming and expensive and your particular situation and environment will also affect the cost. For example, it is more difficult to work on trees that are close to buildings as they require careful handling as the tree is removed. Also, there may be some vital infrastructure underground that may be in close proximity with the tree’s roots that requires care to avoid damage.
In addition, power lines and any exposed cabling can present a safety risk to the person removing the tree. It’s important to understand that trees that are located in trickier situations, near buildings or power lines, can indeed be more expensive to remove.
In a lot of cases, trees are removed piece by piece, meaning that the arborist will proceed to remove higher branches first working down the trunk. If there is enough space, such tree components can simply fall safely to the ground. On the other hand, this is not always an option, and it might require more work to gently guide the off cuts down. As you can imagine, this process is significantly more time consuming.
Timing is also a key issue. If you really need your offending tree to be removed in quite a hurry, you can probably expect to pay more. Emergency tree removal can add to your final bill, particularly if you require the work to be performed outside of regular business hours.
These are only some of the many factors that might go on to affect the costs you can expect to pay when requiring a tree removal service. It is highly recommended that you seek a detailed quote from a specialised provider who can include in the various costs that affect the price of the service. 
In some cases the cheapest service may not be the best, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home and your family.
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